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Unique Asset Survey: Findings & Recommendations

a feature article appearing in the June 2014 (Issue No. 583) issue of the ABA Trust Letter, published by the American Bankers Association

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Trust institutions have long known their best customers own unique assets such as real estate, closely-held businesses and mineral interests, and recognize these assets are often very valuable. But until August 2012 when the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency published its Unique and Hard-to-Value Assets Handbook, there was no trust industry standard detailing what was expected of institutions holding them.

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OCC Bulletin 2008-10

This publication provides guidance to national banks (and since 2/12/2014 federal savings associations) about annual reviews of fiduciary accounts, including "unique or hard-to-value assets such as real estate, oil, gas and mineral interests, farms and ranches, timberland, closely held buisnesses, loans, and personal property".

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