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Financial institutions know affluent investors own both liquid assets (stocks, bonds and mutual funds) and unique assets (real estate, private equity, closely-held businesses, alternative investments, mineral interests, life insurance, promissory notes, etc.) Today, financial institutions have to manage a diverse set of securities due to regulatory oversight, compliance, and new accounting standards.

Unique assets are tough to manage and difficult to value. It takes specialized knowledge and years of experience to do it well.

For institutions that do not have the resources to deal with these matters themselves, they usually partner with specialized service providers like spardata to help manage these hard-to-value assets.

Our proprietary financial models have the ability to value large quantities of securities, providing speed, accuracy and efficiency for financial institutions. Our "Calculated Value" reports provide concise and accurate valuations in monthly, quarterly or annual timeframes. Our systems work jointly with your institution's to provide seamless data uploading and systems integration.

Our valuation reports are fully compliant with financial reporting standards. Today, some of the largest financial services companies rely on us to deliver accurate and timely valuation reports. To learn more about Unique Asset valuations and management, visit our "Why spardata" page, or Contact Principal Brad Davidson today at (240) 553.1100 x 107 or

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For 25 years, institutions and individuals have relied on Spardata.

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