Brad Davidson, a Principal, founded spardata in 1990 and chairs its management team. A frequent speaker at industry events, he is primarily responsible for business development in the financial services market segment.
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Dennis Richter CPA, a Principal, is spardata's Chief Executive Officer and (with Angela Jackiewicz) manages valuation methodologies and practices. Dennis also develops spardata's growing library of valuation models.
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Angela Jackiewicz CPA/CFF, CVA, a Principal, is spardata's Chief Financial Officer. She also manages spardata's valuation methodologies and practices, and (with Dennis Richter) helps to train spardata's valuation professionals.
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Ted Davidson CVA, a Principal, is spardata's Chief Marketing Officer. He is primarily responsible for supporting the firm's relationships with clients and overseeing IT-related business processes.
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Alternative Investments, Private Placements, Closely-Held Company Stock, Unique Assets

For 25 years, institutions and individuals have relied on Spardata.

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